• Can I be the only person in my industry in the group?

    NO. I really believe that good business networking is not about one industry in each group. It’s about supporting people in business and sharing their knowledge, skills and experience with likeminded business people. The other reason, a lot of the key industries needed to make a successful busi...
  • Can I put my membership on hold?

    No, ELITE : SIX doesn’t put memberships on hold. It is not a feasible business model to operate a stop start service in this industry. However we do have upgrade and downgrade options available, to see these login to the membership area at
  • Does ELITE : SIX have a visitor reward system?

    Increasing our Group’s Membership will benefit everyone. ELITE : SIX appreciates your help with this, therefore, we have an Affiliate Program that pays $29.50 reward for new members. We pay commissions of $29.50 for every signup that comes via your custom signup link. We track the visitors you ...
  • How do I cancel my membership?

    To terminate your ELITE : SIX Membership Login to the membership area at On the left-hand side navigate to My Services Click the membership you have "Request Cancellation" And we will let you know when it has been cancelled.
  • What is the Membership Fee?

    We have many membership options available, from Trial Membership, Online Membership, Full Membership to a simple Business Directory listing. To see these check out pricing