• Do I have to speak?

    YES, it is interactive, members get to talk for 5 minutes each in a breakout room of up to six, it’s an open conversation. This is where we get our name from.
  • How will I benefit from joining ELITE : SIX?

    It’s like a weekly office meeting with other business owners who understand small business issues, challenges and share a passion for growing and developing. You will get support and advice on any problems you might have.
  • Setting up ZOOM on your computer

    Getting Started on Windows and Mac You don't actually need to have a zoom account to attend a zoom meeting, simply go to and enter the room ID and the password. However we would recommend becoming familiar with it, It's a great tool to have installed and setup for your own business. Ov...
  • What commitment is expected of me?

    We encourage regular weekly attendance to your home group and we encourage members to share their knowledge, experience and skills. This enables members to build relationships and get support from everyone in the group.
  • What do I need to bring?

    Ideally just bring yourself, a positive attitude. If you are wanting other members contact details, we have a Members Directory on our website and App for that.
  • What group is best for me?

    When you complete the Request an Invite form it enables you to select a meeting time you would like to attend, part of our eligibility process is, we may recommend a time/group that may be better suited for you and your business.
  • Your Mission

    support other members by listening and sharing your experiences, knowledge and skills build professional relationships, friendships and synergies with other members connect the right person with the right opportunity by giving quality recommendations participate in weekly meetings, collaborate to...